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Born and Raised in Southern Indiana

We began riding horses occasionally in the mid 1990's, having purchased a single horse and boarding it near our New Albany, IN residence. But it wasn't until our relocation to sunny south Alabama that we became much more serious about riding.

Andalusia, Alabama

After relocating to this neat rural community, we purchased a series of horses, buying and selling until we had a herd of  six.  Having become acquainted and then close friends with others who rode, we discovered the joy of pleasure riding with friends and family in many beautiful locations, both near and abroad.

Cowboy Connection ....


The Vision

 Our passion for horses and riding grew and grew until we decided we wanted to form a community of fellow riders, riders of all kinds, from all over the world, and connect them. Here is the vision for Cowboy Connection:

  • To connect people who enjoy horses and horse related activities
  • To promote God and country
  • To promote the cowboy way of life
  • To promote events where Cowboy Connection members can actually meet and ride horses together
  • To be a FAMILY oriented group that shows honor to God and to one another
  • To find out YOUR favorite places to ride and provide info so that others may join in
  • To post, on this website, AS MANY EVENTS and BEAUTIFUL PLACES TO RIDE as we possibly can!

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